8 Best Evergreen Trees For Arizona

Coming up with a careful selection of trees that thrive in the harsh conditions is obligatory for landscaping in the desert. Luckily, A wide range of evergreen trees for Arizona are available for the residents and you can easily come up with a group of trees to beautify your yard. Besides, these trees usually offer shade that is very welcome considering the hot climate in the state. 

Keep reading to learn more about Arizona evergreen trees, their characteristics, and maintenance requirements!

Evergreen Trees for Arizona – Best Choices 

1. Texas Olive

Texas olive is an ideal choice for you if you prefer trees that are also functional besides being beautiful. This semi-deciduous evergreen grows to about 20 feet in height at maturity and 25 feet in width. Its multiple trunks are one of its most distinguishing features. Also, the tree produces creamy white blossoms until fall. 

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2. Mulga

Mulga is a tree with golden yellow flowers and silvery-grayish foliage, ideal for colorful landscapes. It is one of the many evergreen trees for Arizona with a moderate growth rate and will eventually grow to about 20 feet in height in the optimal environment. Additionally, the tree can be used as a windbreak, and tree services Arizona recommend using it near pools since they don’t shed a great deal of debris.

3. Weeping Myall

Weeping myall is one of the most popular Arizona evergreen trees and is closely related to the famous Weeping willow. It is characterized by pendulous branches and gray-blue foliage. The tree can grow to about 20 feet in height if planted in the right environment. The good sides are that the tree is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and can withstand high temperatures and drought. 

4. Southern Magnolia

Southern magnolia is the first signifier of the spring due to its sweet aroma. It grows to about 40 feet in height and is easily identifiable by its white, fragrant blooms and large, glossy leaves. The tree grows more upright than wide allowing you to plant it almost anywhere you’d like. Tree service Arizona companies recommend this tree due to its adaptability to different types of soils and landscapes.

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5. Live Oak

Live oak is a tree known for its extreme drought tolerance and beautiful looks. The tree can grow to about 80 feet once it hits maturity and will thrive in almost any type of soil and sun exposure. It has dense, grayish-green foliage on its large crown, making it perfect for a shady spot in your backyard. 

6. Tipu 

Tipu is among Arizona evergreen trees that will provide a massive amount of shade once established. This drought-tolerant beauty can grow to about 40 feet at maturity, adding a tropical look to almost any scene. This flowering tree is very colorful and will bring a calming vibe to your landscape, allowing you to combine it with other flowering trees. 

7. Chilean Mesquite

Chilean mesquite loves heat, is drought-tolerant, and will serve as a great addition to any dry landscape – making it perfect for Arizona. Once it hits maturity, the tree will grow to about 30 feet in height. Considering that it can thrive even in a rocky garden without too much water, Chilean mesquite is perfect for the summertime in Arizona. Also, this tree is great for adding a tropical flair to a landscape. 

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8. Mexican Fan Palm 

Mexican fan palm is commonly seen lining avenues and streets across the state. It can grow to incredible 100 feet in height in an optimal environment. Considering that it has very low watering needs and that it tolerates drought very well, the tree is perfect for Arizona. Its slender form and deep green fronds add a tropical atmosphere to almost any landscape. 



Q: What evergreen tree grows fastest?

A: Tipu is considered to be one of the fastest-growing evergreens in Arizona. It reaches its mature height very quickly, even if the optimal conditions are not met. The tree tolerates drought and can withstand summer heat in the state, making it ideal in a landscape where you need shade fast. 

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Q: What kind of trees stay green all year?

A: Evergreen trees will remain green year-round as they don’t lose their leaves in Arizona. They make beautiful landscapes even during the winter when a blanket of white snow covers the ground. If used correctly in a landscape, evergreens can impact the scenery a lot. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

Evergreen trees for Arizona are usually similar in few aspects – they look great, they can withstand high temperatures, and they require little to no irrigation. In addition, they are adaptable to different types of soils. Still, we recommend consulting with your local arborist about planting, pruning, and general maintenance of your newly planted evergreens.

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