Best Citrus Trees In Houston

Homegrown citrus fruit is always a real treat, but it also adds to aesthetics to your patio or garden. In addition, there are only a few diseases and pests that affect citrus, making it relatively easy to grow in Texas. The biggest concern is how to keep these fruit trees warm in the winter. In this article, we will talk about the best citrus trees for Houston gardens and what makes these fruit trees so valuable.

Keep reading to find out more about different lemon tree Houston varieties! 

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Best Citrus Trees for Houston Properties – Common Varieties 

1. Miho Satsuma 

According to many Texas tree services, Miho Satsuma is one of the sweetest mandarins you can grow. It is considered a very productive tree that gives fruit that’s relatively easy to peel. Some owners report that they own this variety for more than 10 years and that it still produces fruit regularly. Silver hill, Brown select, and Owari are other types of Satsumas that are great. 

2. Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon has a mild flavor but is a very large and productive tree. In addition to fruit, these are adored for their fragrant blossoms too. Average lemons usually can’t stand cold temperatures, but this variety can survive temperatures to 27 degrees for short periods of time. This is absolutely a lemon tree Houston loves! 

3. Mexican Lime

Also known as “key limes”, this small and round citrus fruit is absolutely full of flavor! It is common for residents to put a slice of this lime in a cold beer to refresh during the hot summer heat. Also, this one is considered as one of the best citrus trees for Houston since it is usually the first one to ripen in the area (in mid-August). 

4. Washington Navel Orange

The standard navel you can find in all grocery stores everywhere is Washington navel orange. It is a seedless orange considered to be of top quality by almost every tree service in Houston. They are delicious and have no seeds, which just adds to the quality. In some cases, a Washington navel orange will produce fruit every other year. Cara Cara and N-33 are also great navel varieties for Texas. You can expect it to ripen in December in Texas. 

5. Hamlin Round Orange

Some people mistake this one for a navel, but it is a standard round orange actually. Hamlin round oranges are delicious, but bear in mind that they are not seedless! One of the best Hamlin types of oranges is “Louisiana sweet”. If you can get your hands on it we recommend you choose that one as it is considered as one of the best quality Hamlin type orange. 

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6. Rio Red Grapefruit 

Rio red grapefruit is definitely something that made the Texas valley a legend. If you’re looking for the sweetest and the best grapefruit you can grow in your garden, then this is probably the best choice for you. It sports some of the most fragrant blossoms of all citrus and these trees are considered as one of the most productive ones. Keep in mind that other citrus trees will ripen slightly faster than grapefruits, but you can expect them around January. Ruby red, Golden, and Bloom sweet are other grapefruit varieties you might want to consider. 



Q: Can you grow citrus trees in Houston?

A: You can grow all types of citrus trees in the Houston area. The reason for this is the climate of the area and relatively warm winter temperatures that almost never drop below 40° F. In addition, summer temperatures rarely exceed 95° F, providing ideal conditions for citrus trees to grow and develop.

Q: Can Citrus trees grow in Texas?

A: Citrus trees can grow relatively easily in Texas. They usually don’t have problems with diseases and pests, and they are also not favored by birds and wildlife. The biggest concern about growing citrus trees in Texas is to keep them warm enough during the winter since low temperatures can kill them. 

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Q: Can you grow lemon trees in Houston?

A: The climate in Texas is perfect for growing citrus trees, including lemons. There are a few lemon tree varieties in the area and they all do well. The most common lemon tree Houston has to offer is the Meyer lemon tree. Residents also consider it to be the tastiest and the most productive one. 

Tree Service Removal Overview 

Houston has a perfect climate for growing citrus trees. Once you find the perfect spot for planting, make sure to refer to this article to pick the best citrus tree for Houston area. Don’t hesitate to consult with your local arborist about the planting, and maintenance needs of citrus trees in the area. Also, don’t forget to keep it warm during the winter so your citrus tree can provide you with tasty fruit!

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