Best Orange Trees For Houston

Houston is a perfect place for growing oranges since the city lies within USDA climate zone 9 – nighttime temperatures here rarely drop below 45° F. This is great news for gardeners who want to grow oranges because they can withstand temperatures down to 25° F. There are two main types: sweet and mandarin oranges. Most varieties that grow in Houston are one of those two types. In this article, we will talk about the best orange trees for Houston properties and how to properly grow them!

Homegrown oranges are very nutritious, tasty, and easy to grow. Keep reading to find out more about different orange tree Houston varieties! 

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Best Orange Trees for Houston – Nutritious and Tasty 

1. Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges are cultivated because they are the juiciest type of all. They are superior to other orange varieties in terms of juice amount and quality, but they do have seeds. A certain subtype, Rhode red, is also classified as Valencia and the juice from it is considered as one of the best. 

The color of Valencia oranges can be affected if it is exposed to high temperatures, so you maybe want to provide some shade. Still, they are well suited for tropical environments and are considered as one of the best orange trees for Houston properties! 

2. Sour Oranges

Also known as bitter oranges, this type is usually grown in the southern Mediterranean and South America. However, they can be found in Houston, even though they are a bit less common. Some of them are not edible but have different qualities. For example, bergamot orange is highly valued for its oil that’s used for making specialty teas and perfume. Sometimes, the peel is made into marmalade or candied.

Daidai, Argentine, African, Chinotto, Bigaradier apepu, Seville, and Tunis are other common types of sour oranges you might be interested in. 

3. Blood Oranges

Usually, blood oranges are characterized by red flesh. They are often used in dessert dishes that require a vibrant red color, and the Maltese blood orange is the most popular option. It is very juicy, but some people find it to be slightly sour. This orange is very popular in Malta and Spain but is recently starting to gain popularity across the USA and in Texas. 

Another blood orange type you might be interested in originates from Sicily. It’s called “Moro” and has a dark burgundy color. Tree services in Houston refer to it as “connoisseur’s citrus”. 

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4. Washington Navel Oranges

Washington navel oranges are the ones you can find in almost any grocery store in Texas. They are usually top quality and don’t have any seeds. Their skin is very thick, thus they are very easy to peel. Even though they prefer a slightly cooler climate, these oranges are successfully grown all over Texas. In fact, this is an orange tree Houston particularly loves! 

The great thing about these is that you can include in Christmas stockings as a healthy snack since they ripen in December! 

5. Satsuma Oranges

Satsuma is a loose-skinned orange that is very popular in the Houston area. It is native to some places in Asia, Spain, South Africa, and South America. However, it is successfully grown in Texas and owners usually have only the best words for it. It’s smooth skin and delicious taste are the main reasons why it is known as the most popular orange tree Houston has. 

The fruit is harvested in the early to mid-fall, depending on the weather and climate conditions. It has an average of 1.5 seeds per orange, it is low in acid, and has a very sweet flavor! 

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6. Hamlin Sweet Orange

Hamlin orange is one of the best oranges for juicing and eating since it usually has no seeds. This is a medium-large evergreen tree that is considered very productive in the Houston area. You can expect a high yield as the fruit ripens in late fall. In addition, Hamlin oranges are a very attractive addition to landscapes, adding great aesthetic value to your garden. 

With proper fertilizer, this sweet orange will explode with growth and provide you with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Still, you might want to get some help from a Texas tree service when planting seedlings. 

7. Clementine

Clementine is the smallest member of the family and they are adored for their smooth orange peel and seedless segments. This is an early-season tree that will ripen along with popular Satsuma orange. However, it is not very adaptable to the cold, so you make sure that you keep it warm during winter. 

Most varieties can grow in a container, and Clementine is not any different. Just bear in mind that it does need a lot of sun and that it has a very delicate root system that will freeze if you don’t protect it!

9. Pineapple Orange

Pineapple orange is among the least cold-hardy of the orange trees. It has a medium-thick skin and vibrant orange flesh. However, it does have a lot of seeds and may drop to the ground after ripening. They require moist soil and full sun for healthy development and growth. 

Bear in mind that this variety may bear fruit in alternate years and that is more susceptible to freezes than all other oranges on this list.

Do orange trees grow in Texas?


Texas has a perfect climate for orange trees to grow without any problems. The temperatures in the state rarely go below 10° F, thus providing warm nights for delicate orange roots. There are many different varieties you can choose from, but the ones that provide ornamental features are usually the most popular. 

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Tree Service Removal Overview

Orange trees are very popular in Texas due to the nutritious and aesthetic value they provide. Varieties mentioned in this article are some of the best orange trees for Houston properties, so you can refer to it when you pick a planting spot. Don’t hesitate to consult with your local arborist to get advice about maintaining orange trees!

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