5 Best Trees To Plant In Conroe

Conroe is a city known for the pinewood forests and huge oil and lumber industries. Trees play a very important role for the residents in the area since the beginning of the 19th century. In this article, we will be talking about the best trees to plant in Conroe and how these trees can impact your landscape and how to maintain them properly. 

Keep reading to find out what Conroe tree would be the best for your backyard! 

Best Trees to Plant in Conroe – Popular Varieties 

1. American Hornbeam

The American hornbeam is a native forest understory tree, which is why it is perfect for naturalized gardens and shady landscapes. Reddish-purple leaves in spring are very attractive. They become dark green during summer to finally change to yellow-orange in the fall, offering a kaleidoscope of color throughout the whole year. The tree’s blue-gray bark remains very attractive during the winter, adding even more to your landscape. 

This decidious tree grows up to 30 feet in height at maturity. Full sun to part shade is optimal for healthy development. In order to thrive, American hornbeam needs well-drained, moist soil. However, it can tolerate dry sites too. 

2. Pond Cypress

Pond cypress is an adaptable and wind-tolerant deciduous coniferous tree. Its columnar or conical form will significantly increase almost any landscape. A new set of needles is grown each spring. Bright green awl-shaped leaves change their color to yellowish-brown in the fall before the drop. You can expect knobby growths on a trunk if you place this tree in waterlogged soil. 

The tree grows up to 60 feet in height and can spread 15 feet wide. It prefers full sun, but part shade can also be tolerated. It prefers moist, acidic, and poorly drained soils. This Conroe tree is virtually pest and disease-free. 

3. River Birch


River birch is, as the name suggests, usually found along riverbanks. However, it can also be used as a landscape tree and planted almost anywhere on your lot. The tree is recommended by tree services Texas due to its rapid growth, drought and wetness tolerance, spreading limbs, and curling bark.

River bitch can grow up to 70 feet in height at maturity. Full sun and partial shade are preferred, so make sure to provide at least 4 hours of direct sunlight. This Conroe tree prefers loamy, acidic soil for healthy development and growth. 

4. Shantung Maple

Shantung maple is one of the best trees to plant in Conroe since it is small enough to grow under power lines. This is why it is usually used as a street tree in Conroe. Dark green and reddish foliage is very attractive and will serve as a great addition to your landscape. Sometimes, the foliage turns purple in late fall. 

This deciduous tree can grow up to 25 feet in height and its mature width is usually about 25 feet too. Full sun and partial shade are optimal for proper development. It prefers moist, acid, and well-drained soil. 

5. Tulip Tree

Tulip is a fast-growing tree with very unique green leaves that look very similar to tulip flowers, which is where the name originates from. This tree can grow up to 90 feet in height, which is why it is very important to find a perfect spot for it on a lot. 

Almost every tree service Conroe consider this tree to grow at a fairly fast rate as it increases in size for about 24 inches each year. Full is ideal for this tree to develop and grow properly, which means six hours of direct sunlight is obligatory. Moist, loamy, acidic, well-drained soils are ideal for the tulip tree to grow well. Some drought can be tolerated, but it is not optimal. 

Local Tree Experts Review

Trees are very important for Conroe’s economy, lifestyle, and overall satisfaction. Hopefully, this article can help you understand what are the best trees to plant in Conroe and what type would be the perfect fit for you. Of course, finding a perfect spot for your tree is essential, so after you do that, refer to this article to decide what tree you’re going to plant on your property.

Consult with your local arborist if you have any kind of misunderstandings about planting and maintaining trees in Conroe!

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