Cactus Removal Guide For Arizona

Cactus has more than 2,000 species, thus is considered one of the most common plants in North America. Its waxy and thick stems tolerate drought very well and reproduce quite fast and with ease. However, not all cacti are desired, some of them can seriously injure children and pets and compete with other plants. This is why it is important to learn about cactus removal methods and different varieties. 

Keep reading to find out how to remove cactus from a yard in just a few simple steps!

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Cactus Removal – Methods and Tips

If you’re asking yourself “How to remove cactus from the yard” reading the next parts will hopefully give you an answer. There are two main methods, and both are very simple and straightforward. Read on!

Physical Removal

Protection is very important when it comes to cactus removal, so make sure you wear appropriate clothing and gloves against the spiny parts. Tree services Arizona recommend gardening boots, long pants, and long-sleeved shirts that will cover your vulnerable parts. Some cactus varieties have thorns that can be very difficult to remove and painful, so take precautions. Wrap the cactus with newspapers or cloth to provide additional protection. 

Use a chainsaw or an axe to cut large cacti prior to removal. You can chip it into small, manageable pieces to make it easier to work with. Make sure all the portions that you cut are moved away, even the small pieces. Place it into a cardboard box after you remove each piece. This is important since cactus is a plant that can easily resurface from small pieces. Avoid any contact with the ground once the cacti are cut. 

Use a shovel to dig out as much of the root system as possible. Roots are sometimes deep, so dig as deep as possible to get everything out. 

Chemical Eradication

As previously described, protect yourself from the cactus with appropriate clothing and gloves. 

Start with preparing a herbicide mix. Use the one that has picloram able to eradicate up to 100% of pricklypair and other invasive cacti. Make sure you follow the directions on the label, but most sprays usually require a 1% concentration combined with water. 

In order to increase the efficacy of the herbicide solution, add a surfactant or a liquid dishwashing detergent in a ¼% concentration. To make sure you have sprayed all the cacti in sufficient amounts, add about 1/4% marking dye. In addition, you can increase the efficacy of the herbicide by damaging the plant with an axe or a shovel. 

The solution should be sprayed on both sides of the stems and pads. Tree service Arizona companies say that the herbicide may not be very effective if the cacti are moist or if it is too cold. However, there’s no specified time when you should do the spraying. 


Q: How much does it cost to remove a cactus?

A: Removing the cactus in Arizona will cost you somewhere about $300 and $2,500. The price range varies quite a bit depending on where you’re located, but you can think about an average cost of $1,300. Also, the main factors that will affect the pricing are the number of cacti, their size, and type. 

Q: How do I get rid of cactus?

A: You can remove your cactus in Arizona in two different ways. The first one will require physical force and tools, there will probably be a lot of mess that requires cleaning afterward. Additionally, you can use a chemical spray to get rid of the cactus in your yard. 

Q: Is it illegal to remove a cactus in Arizona?

A: Cactus rustling is considered a felony in Arizona. It is illegal to deface or shoot the state’s iconic saguaros or remove them from the parks where these succulents can grow without any problems for up to 200 years. However, removing one from your yard is perfectly fine.

Local Tree Experts Overview

Hopefully, this article will help you understand how to remove cactus from the yard in Arizona. Cactus removal is pretty straightforward – you take the tools, get dressed, and remove everything from your yard. Make sure you don’t leave any pieces since cactus can resurface even with the smallest ones!

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