2 Corpus Christi Tree Pests And Diseases

Trees are under constant attack by pests and diseases. While those in good health can endure most of these pathogenic attacks, if conditions that support tree health are not improved, it can be difficult to keep diseases at bay. 

If you are planning on adding trees to your Corpus Christi home, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the ailments affecting trees in this area. Our Corpus Christi tree pests and diseases guide gives a breakdown of the most common. Read on!

2 Deadliest Corpus Christi Tree Pests And Diseases To Be On The Lookout For

Being able to recognize the symptoms of pathogenic diseases in trees can go a long way in ensuring healthy greenery. Here are the key Corpus Christi tree diseases and pests, with symptoms, and ways to manage them. 

1. Anthracnose 

Anthracnose is a fatal disease affecting the finest shade trees in Texas. It mostly hits the white oaks, sycamores, maples, and dogwoods, some of the most common trees in Corpus Christi. The disease is caused by a fungus and once it attacks, the tree starts to lose its leaves and the buds begin to die. 

Killing of buds usually results in many short branches, which may hinder the tree from achieving its desired size or shape. Repeated loss of foliage weakens the tree over time, putting it at risk of borer attacks and winter injury. 

If left untreated, anthracnose can cause severe defoliation, which could eventually kill your tree. Have one of the tree service Corpus Christi professionals examine your trees regularly for signs of anthracnose. Having frequent checkups will also help keep the trees healthy and reduce their vulnerability to diseases. 

2. Hypoxylon Canker 

Oaks are the major victims of the Hypoxylon canker. The disease mostly targets trees whose immune system is already weakened by other diseases, damage, and poor growth conditions. Hypoxylon is an opportunistic fungus, meaning, it is already present in many trees but causes infection if the tree’s resistance to diseases is insufficient. 

The canker develops just beneath the bark, and the infected tree will have dead lesions on branches, limbs, and trunks. Once the fungus has spread to the trunk, it can kill the tree pretty quickly, which is why hypoxylon canker ranks among the deadliest Corpus Christi tree diseases. Usually, infection of the trunk occurs in advanced stages of the disease, causing the decay of the sapwood, which contributes to tree mortality. 

Since this disease attacks trees whose immunity is compromised, keeping your trees in good health can help prevent it. Apply fungicides regularly and have a professional tree service Texas company check in once in a while to make sure the trees are in good shape. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview

The secret to keeping most Corpus Christi tree pests and diseases at bay is ensuring you have healthy trees at all times. Things like spraying pesticides frequently and leaving complex maintenance jobs like pruning and trimming to professionals can go a long way. Most tree fungus in Texas are opportunistic and constantly caring for your trees will deny them the chance to terrorize your trees.

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