Best Fruit Trees For Abilene

Fruit trees are a great source of food both for humans and wildlife. There are many different species that will do well in Abilene, Texas with little maintenance. 

But as with all trees, you need to select a variety that is best suited to the climatic and soil conditions of this area, and importantly, to your personal needs. This post rounds up the best fruit trees for Abilene and their requirements for growth to help you make an informed choice. 

3 Incredible Fruit Trees For Abilene Gardens 

The best Abilene fruit trees would be those that are naturally adapted to dry conditions and the hot summer temperatures experienced in this region. Here are our favorites!

1. Apples 

Apples are some of the most common fruits in Texas and with the different varieties available, apple trees can grow in all areas including Abilene. Most varieties will require cross-pollination, so to maximize production, make sure to plant at least two varieties. And depending on the size of your garden, you can go for dwarfs, semi-dwarfs, or those that grow to a standard size. 

But apples are prone to fire blight, one of the deadliest tree diseases in Texas. You, therefore, need to closely monitor them and provide constant care to always keep them in good shape. Sure, you may have to spend some bucks on a professional tree service Abilene company for maintenance, but the many fruits apple trees produce when properly cared for would be all worth it. 

2. Grapes 

Grapes are popular in orchids across Texas and make up 50% of the fruit trees planted in the state. There are several varieties that will do well in Abilene, all varying greatly in their disease resistance. Your selection will, therefore, mostly be determined by your maintenance plan. 

Higher quality grapes will require a more intense maintenance program. The highest quality varieties to plant in Abilene would be Vinifera grapes, followed by the American-French hybrids, and then there are the lower quality American varieties like the Black Spanish and Champanel. 

All these grape types have different requirements for growth. If you are not sure whether your chosen variety will thrive in your area, consult a certified tree service Texas arborist. An expert will also guide you on how to take care of your trees to prevent black rot, a common fruit tree fungus in Texas.  

3. Blackberries 

Blackberries will do well in any Abilene area provided the soils are well-drained. They are among the best Abilene fruit trees and the easiest to grow perhaps because they don’t demand an extensive pesticide program. Blackberries in the East and Southwest Texas are severely hit by disease problems but those in Abilene and other parts of West-Central Texas appear to be somehow resistant to pathogens. 

Iron chlorosis, however, is still a problem for blackberry farmers in Abilene but it is pretty easy to manage by regularly checking the soil’s PH level and making sure it remains below 8. Also, blackberries should be planted away from wild blackberries to reduce disease and pest problems. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview

There are many fruit trees in Texas that would do well in the Abilene area. You just need to figure out the type that best fits your soil type. The above fruit trees for Abilene will thrive in the soil and climatic conditions of this area with little maintenance. Plus they don’t take too much garden space, so you will still have enough room for other plants. And since most fruit trees usually bloom before producing fruit, they can also come in handy for people looking for the best flowering trees in Texas.

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