How To Get Rid Of Termites In Trees In Fort Worth

Termites have a crucial role in recycling decaying stumps and fallen trees. In addition, these insects can subsist solely on wood, and they enjoy feasting on living trees. With that in mind, you’d probably like to know how to get rid of termites in trees if you’re an avid gardener. Tree termites treatment is pretty straightforward, but you will probably need some help from a tree service in Fort Worth to do everything properly. 

Keep reading to find out more about termites and how to get rid of them if you start noticing them in your backyard! 

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How to Get Rid of Termites in Trees – Recognizing Danger and Solution

Termites are closely related to cockroaches and there are about 3,000 varieties in the world. It should be easy for you to distinguish termites from garden ants. They are usually larger and have white, brown, or black color. Also, their wings are pretty long and equal length, and their antennae are straight in most cases. 

If you notice infestation signs early, you shouldn’t have too many problems. But, how to get rid of termites in trees when they already established a colony? If termites already established a colony and started rapidly reproducing, it can take up to a year to get rid of all of them. Termites reproduce the fastest during summer, so it is recommended to check for them in early spring. 

You can also recognize early signs of termites in your trees without help from a professional. Termites usually leave wood shavings and small holes where they enter the wood. In addition, termite carcasses and discarded wings should be everywhere due to the size of the colonies. Look for them around the base of the tree since they usually reside just below the soil line. Consult with some of the tree services in Texas to get the best tree termites treatment available.  

Follow these simple steps to get rid of termites easily:

1. Prune Infected Wood

Make sure to prune infected wood as soon as you notice the first signs of termites in your trees. If you’re not comfortable with tools, don’t hesitate to hire your local arborist immediately. Large nesting chambers, small white eggs, and narrow tunnels through the wood are all very obvious symptoms of termites. 

Discard the wood you prune as soon as possible to ensure termites won’t spread from the infested material to other trees. 

2. Use Termiticide 

Liquid termiticide is always useful in fighting termites. Just spray it in a 3-foot radius around the base, but make sure you do the same with any nearby trees that might have touching canopies with the infected one. Also, spray the tree trunk two feet from the ground. Doing this will stop the termites from attacking the same tree again. 

3. Set Traps

Termite traps can alert you if there’s new termite activity in the area. Visit your local home improvement retail shop or a hardware store and grab some wooden-stake traps. Just place them into the ground and leave them there as bait. Check on them regularly to see if roving termites have come back. 

These traps are chemical-free and pose no safety or environmental hazards to children or pets. 

4. Monitor the Infested Tree

Repeat the tree termites treatment with spray if you notice that termites are reappearing. Monitor the infested tree and do your best to prevent new infestations. Remove rotting stumps, old wood piles, and other potential sites for termite colonies to expand. 


Q: What to do if you find termites in a tree?

A: Prune away infested parts and make sure you discard them immediately. Also, use liquid termiticide at the base of the infested tree, but also around the bases of all trees that are nearby. Spray the trunk up to 2 feet. Consider spraying the entire perimeter of your yard. 

Q: Do termites kill living trees?

A: Termites invade and eat dead cellulose. This means that, if you notice termites in your trees, there is probably an underlying condition that causes the cambium or pith layer of the tree to die. In this case, make sure to contact a tree service to determine the problem and provide proper treatment.

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Termites can be a real trouble if left untreated. So, if you notice some signs of infestation and you’re not sure how to get rid of termites in trees, you can always refer to this article and use the information above. Also, it is always recommended to contact your local tree service and get adequate help and treatment for your trees. These experts are able to provide you with the best liquid termiticide and show you how you’re supposed to use it to avoid damaging the tree!

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