Best Shade Trees In Dallas, North Texas

Shade trees do so much more than just cooling us down during those hot summer days; they help conserve water, curb the effects of harsh atmospheric conditions, and improve the overall air quality. Many of these large trees also provide seasonal benefits like flowering and change of leaf color, enabling us to add some glamor to our homes. 

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If you are a Dallas resident looking to plant some shade trees North Texas has plenty of varieties best suited for the humid, hot climate experienced in Dallas. We have listed a few that are hardy, low maintenance, and tolerant to drought conditions. Read on!

4 Best Shade Trees North Texas

When it comes to shade trees Dallas residents have a host of species they can consider for their homes. Here are the best four:

1. Live Oak

Dallasites love the live oak for many reasons; it has a wide, dense canopy that provides great shade during summer, is very long lived and over time, its unique branches drape the ground beneath, forming a dome shape that deflects prairie winds for years. 

Live oaks are among the best trees to plant in Dallas because not only can they survive in the alkaline clay soil found expansively in this area but also can tolerate drought, heat, and urban conditions. You will find these trees surrounded by structures, high traffic zones, and paved concrete areas where soil is compacted, water is scarce, and heat is unbearable and they still survive. 

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2. Shumard Red Oak

The red oak has rich green leaves, thick branches and a wide canopy. Under the right conditions, the tree can grow up to a height of 110 feet and live up to 400 years. 

During summer, the tree does not only give you shade but also produces acorns that beautify your home all season long. Come fall, its leaves turn fiery red, adding even more appeal to your property. 

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The only downside is that red oaks are more prone to oak wilt, one of the worst tree diseases in Dallas. They may therefore require a little more maintenance than other oak varieties. To keep your tree healthy, have a professional tree service Texas company examine it regularly because once it is infected, very little can be done. 

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3. Autumn Blaze Maple

The beautiful hybrid of red maple and silver maple, the autumn blaze, is becoming more and more popular in Dallas homes. This tree is favored not only for the cool shade it provides for North Texans but also for the gorgeous leaf color it graces their homes with. 

In regards to shorter shade trees Dallas homeowners can never go wrong with an autumn blaze maple. The tree does not grow any taller than 35 feet, which makes it perfect for property owners with smaller patio spaces. It can perfectly flourish in both urban and suburban settings. 

4. Pecan 

Pecan ranks among the most widespread trees in North Texas and the entire state. It is best known for its delicious nuts that are used in many savory dishes. 

Open grown pecan trees produce enormous trucks and wide spreading branches that grow and extend far down the stem. When taken good care of, this tree can grow up to 100 feet high and extend up to 50 feet wide. 

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Several diseases and pests may bother a pecan tree but most affect the fruit, not the tree. Regardless, it is wise to have a reliable tree service Dallas company check your tree frequently to make sure it always stays in good shape. 

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What Is A Fast Growing Shade Tree For Texas?

Willow is a fast growing shade tree for Texas, with a growth rate of between 6 feet and 8 feet per year. While these trees grow best near water, there are several willow species available that are suitable for drier conditions like the desert willow. A desert willow is perfect for Texas climatic conditions and can grow up to 55 feet tall. 

What Are The Best Fast Growing Shade Trees?

The best fast growing shade trees include:

  • Northern catalpa
  • Quaking aspen
  • Red sunset maple
  • Hackberry 
  • Silver maple
  • Pin oak
  • Northern red oak
  • American sweetgum 
  • Saw tooth oak
  • Tulip tree 
  • Hybrid poplar, and
  • Willow tree

Tree Service Removal Overview

Shade trees are a great asset for any homeowner. They not only help reduce energy costs but also increase the value of the property. For the best shade trees North Texas residents can browse the above list. 

Remember to give your tree the care and maintenance it requires so it can stay healthy and serve you better, longer. You can do this yourself or have a standby tree service provider for all your tree maintenance needs.

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