Unique Small Trees For Houston

The convergence of several major ecosystems characterizes Houston. In addition, the climate in the city encourages the healthy growth of all kinds of plants, but especially trees. Late fall is the right time to start planting out gardens for the new year. Roots are settled in and the trees are dormant. Determine areas where you would like to have your new landscape, and prepare to find out more about small trees for Houston landscapes! 

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Small Trees for Houston – Popular Species

1. Possumhaw Holly

Possumhaw holly is a very common small tree usually used in gardens with plenty of birds. The red berries look beautiful on gray branches in winter, but the white spring flowers are also nice. Ascending and horizontal branches make the loose form of this small tree. According to tree services in Texas, this Texas Superstar can go up to 20 feet in height and is tolerant of seasonal poor drainage and different soils. It prefers part-shade and a male pollinator, and is considered as one of the best small trees for Texas gardens! 

2. Yaupon Holly

Yaupon holly is a small evergreen that feeds mammals and birds but also provides foliage for butterfly larvae. It tolerates seasonal poor drainage, different soils, can grow in full shade, or exposed to the sun, and it can grow up to 25 feet in height! Once established, it also becomes drought-tolerant. You just have to make sure there’s a male nearby for pollination and you will have one of the most beautiful small trees for Houston area!

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3. Texas Olive

Texas olive is an evergreen that will flower year-round if you provide adequate watering. If you ask any tree service in Houston you will realize that this tree as one of the best small trees for Texas with its short trunk and rounded crown. It can grow up to 24 feet in height and its tubular white blooms attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Wildlife is also attracted to the fruit, but humans usually don’t find them tasty. The tree tolerates clay, loam, and sand, and prefers sun to part shade environment. 

It is drought-tolerant once established if you give it a well-draining soil. Keep in mind to plant in a protected area since it will freeze to the roots at temperatures below 20 degrees.

4. Mexican Plum


Mexican Plum gets covered in a cloud of fragrant white blooms during spring. Therefore, many people consider this tree to be the beauty of Texas. In addition, the purplish fruit is very tasty and can be used in jellies and jams if you manage to save it from the birds and mammals. The tree prefers good drainage and will grow up to 25 feet. Older trees have exfoliating bark, but they can survive in any type of sun or shade. 

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5. Native Fringe Tree

Fringe tree is also known as “grancy graybeard” in Houston. In addition, people also recognize it as one of the small trees for Texas area that can grow up to 20 feet in height. It is a deciduous tree with an oval shape and fragrant white flowers in spring. When the fall comes female trees start producing blue berries. It does well in sandy, acidic soil and prefers part-shade sunlight. It can be single or multitrunked and prefers good drainage, but keep in mind that it also tolerates seasonal poor drainage. It blooms on old wood, so make sure you prune this tree after it flowers.

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6. Two-Wing Silverbell

The interesting name of this tree originates from the 2-inch seedpods with corky wings. In early spring, this tree produces white, bell-shaped blooms on its bare branches. If you provide organically enriched acidic soil, good drainage, and part-sun shade, this small tree can reach up to 30 feet in height! This tree is truly beauty in the understory! 

7. Southern Wax Myrtle 

Similar to the Dwarf Wax Myrtle, this small tree offers shelter for birds throughout the whole year, and the berries it produces feed many species. The dwarf matures to 6-8 feet while the larger shrub can reach up to 15 feet in height. These dense evergreens prefer fertile soil that’s on the acidic side, but they will tolerate almost any soil if the partial shade is provided. Female plants have blue-gray berries and the olive-green foliage provides aesthetic value!

8. Parsley Hawthorn

Parsley hawthorn is the right type of tree for you if you’re interested in trees that offer something throughout the whole year. It has beautiful fall colors, parsley-shaped light green foliage, and white spring flowers. It will even grow in gumbo if you give it a partial sun! 

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Tree Service Removal Overview

After consulting with your local arborist, you can refer back to this list to pick some of the most popular small trees for Houston landscapes. Just make sure that you provide the right type of soil and enough shade for the tree you choose. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional tree service to help you with planting and maintenance to avoid damaging your beautiful trees!

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