Tiny Christmas Trees For Alamo – New Tradition

Christmas trees are a huge part of the holiday décor. They add life, cheer, and color to your home, making it holiday-ready. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be nice to have more than just one? No, not multiple gigantic Christmas trees; we are talking decorating your living room and hallways with plenty of tiny Christmas trees. 

It’s the new tradition in Alamo and you can even plant these trees in your yard to make decorating easier come Christmastime. Below are three tiny Christmas trees Alamo residents have found truly festive. They are using them to create outdoor Christmas scenes and trimming sprigs to bring indoors for garden-fresh holiday décor. 

3 Tiny Christmas Trees Alamo Homeowners Love

Tiny Christmas trees are not only beautiful but also easy to set up and clean up. Here are some of the best small trees for Alamo that will brighten your yard and get you ready for the next Christmas season. 

1. Yaupon Holly 

Nothing says Christmas trees like the Yaupon Holly shrubs. This hardy evergreen tree grows to a height of 8 to 15 feet allowing you to deck your hallways with as many of them as you wish. It would be a favorable choice for Alamo residents with tight indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Yaupon Holly shrubs prefer partial shade and well-drained soils. Once established, they will provide plentiful of cuttings to create Christmas decorations in wreaths, window boxes, and more. If you are looking for flowering trees for Texas, this is one and you will surely love the brilliant white blooms it produces in the spring, which are later replaced by cute red berries that add even more color to your yard. 

Plant male and female hollies closely together to enable proper pollination. And don’t forget to trim them often to give them your desired shape for Christmas. Trimming is a task you can do by yourself, but if you don’t know what cut, we would advise seeking the help of a professional tree trimming Alamo service. 

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2. Japanese Yew Bushes

Japanese yews are among the best yew trees to plant in Texas and Alamo residents have delighted in using their bushes in Christmas celebrations for years. These trees not only make great holiday décor but also a gorgeous evergreen hedge. A Japanese yew grows to a height of about 15 feet but you can shape it to the height you want your Christmas trees to be. 

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Generally, yews are low-maintenance trees and their rich dark-green color will last all year round. Come fall, a host of red berries will cover the tree, adding another layer of color and life to your already vibrant garden. The tree can tolerate drought, harsh weather, and some of the most common tree diseases in Texas, making it a great base for your overall landscape design. 

What’s more, you can easily propagate new Japanese Yews from cuttings to fill in empty spaces in your yard or share with friends. The trees will make beautiful garlands and hangings to decorate your outdoor and indoor space during Christmas year after year. 

3. Christmas Cactus 

The Christmas cactus is so cute, it just might rival the decorations you have on the tree. It is a hardy shrub that can last for years and will provide the best décor for your holiday season. Different species produce flowers at different seasons and times of the year including Easter and Thanksgiving. The Christmas cactus shrub will only bloom closest to Christmas, hence its name. 

These plants do not grow any taller than 3 feet, which makes them some of the best small trees for Alamo. They have glossy green branches with white, red, purple, pink, or yellow flowers at the tips. You can also grow them both outdoors and indoors. Just make sure the indoor ones are placed in a bright window so they can get enough light. 

The only problem with Christmas cacti is that they require a little bit of care. If you have an entire garden of them, you may want to hire a tree service Texas company to manage the care and maintenance, which can be a little expensive. But this is probably nothing compared to the color these shrubs will add to your home during the festive season.

The Local Tree Experts Overview

You don’t have to invest in the biggest Christmas tree for you and your family to enjoy the holiday season. A few small trees will be insanely festive if decorated right. Whether you are just tired of setting up your traditional Christmas tree and want to try something new or you simply don’t have room for a standard tree, the above tiny Christmas trees Alamo species will perfectly meet your needs. Plant them in your yard and you will not only have a lively home but also an easier time decorating for Christmas.

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