10 Best Trees For Lubbock TX

When it comes to tree planting, one of the factors we should consider is the area’s climatic conditions. Lubbock, Texas has an arid climate, hence, trees in this area must be naturally adapted to hotter, drier atmospheric conditions. 

If you are looking to add some trees to your Lubbock home, go for those with an extensive root system that is able to extract water from the soil, and whose leaves use water efficiently.  We have put together a list of west Texas trees Lubbock homeowners should consider in their quest of cooling and sprucing up their property. 

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Top 10 West Texas Trees Lubbock Residents Can Use For Landscaping

There are many trees that thrive in arid lands. Here are ten that will do extremely well in Lubbock, Texas. 

1. Pecan 

Lubbock homeowners love pecan trees for one reason; they have low water requirements. A pecan tree can tolerate the hot, dry climate experienced in this region, and under the right conditions, it can grow up to 100 feet tall and 75 feet wide. 

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A single tree will produce enough nuts to feed a huge family and provide plenty of shade to make those scorching Lubbock summers a little more endurable. 

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2. American Elm

Elm is yet another shade tree that has a low water demand. It requires between 4 and 6 hours of direct sunlight to grow well and can thrive in extremely dry conditions, which makes it one of the trees Lubbock landowners should consider for their gardens. 

The tree has green leaves that turn golden yellow in autumn. When properly cared for, an American elm can grow up to 75 feet high and 60 feet wide. However, this tree is prone to Dutch elm disease, one of the most common tree diseases in Texas, hence it will need regular maintenance. 

3. Bur Oak 

Bur oaks can tolerate a variety of conditions, including the hot, dry climatic conditions of Lubbock. Like pecans and elms, bur oaks prefer direct sunlight. The tree can reach up to 80 feet high at maturity and spread up to 80 feet wide, providing dense shade for your home. 

Bur oaks produce acorns that have been found to attract wood ducks, rabbits, wild turkeys, squirrels, mice, and other rodents. They can live for more than 300 years. 

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4. Lacey oak 

Looking for a smaller tree? Get lacey oak. The mature height of this one is 30 feet and won’t exceed 30 feet in width. Lacey oak is of the best west Texas trees Lubbock residents with smaller yards may want to consider. 

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This tree requires very little water to grow and can flourish even in the driest of conditions. Come springtime, it produces red and peach colored leaves that turn golden yellow in the fall.

5. Bigelow oak


Another tree that would favor small yards is the Bigelow oak. This beauty doesn’t grow any taller or wider than 15 feet. The tree prefers full sun and has a low water demand, hence it’s perfect for Lubbock homes. 

Bigelow oaks grace your garden with red flowers in early summer. These flowers later give rise to small acorns that provide food for mice, squirrels, and other wildlife.

6. Afghan Pine

Native to the Middle East and Russia, the Afghan pine tree grows 70 feet tall and 50 feet wide. It tolerates heat, drought, and wind, making it a great option for Lubbock landscapes. In extremely windy areas, Afghan pines are used as a windbreak. 

But Afghan pines are susceptible to aphids and tip moth infestations. If you are going to have one in your yard, therefore, have a tree service Lubbock expert check it regularly to ensure it is in tiptop condition. 

7. Cedar Elm

Cedar elm is both a shade and an ornamental tree. It is fast-growing and can reach up to 40 feet high and 30 feet wide at maturity. The tree has rich green leaves that turn golden yellow in fall. 

A cedar elm is one of the trees Lubbock homeowners don’t want to miss on their list, as it tolerates the rigors of desert life pretty well. However, like all elm varieties, cedar elms are susceptible to Dutch elm disease. You may want to contract a professional tree service Texas company for regular maintenance to keep the tree healthy. 

8. Desert Willow

As the name suggests, desert willow is naturally adapted to arid conditions. It reaches 50 feet at maturity, with a crown spread of about 40 feet. This is one of the best flowering trees in Texas, blooming best in full sun. 

A desert willow is very drought tolerant and under the right conditions, it can live up to 150 years. In poorly drained soils, however, the tree is susceptible to root rot. 

9. Live Oak

One of the fastest-growing oaks, live oak, is an excellent choice for Lubbock landscapes. It is a large grower, reaching up to 90 feet tall and 90 feet wide. 

Live oaks are heat, drought, and wind tolerant, which makes them ideal for arid climates. Their evergreen foliage will shine all year round, through cold winters and hot summers, and this can last for several hundred years. 

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10. Chinese Pistache

If you miss the scarlet, yellow, orange, and dark red colors of fall, the Chinese Pistanche will give you a beautiful display. Maturing to a height of 40 feet and a width of 30 feet, this tree would be perfect for both small and medium-sized Lubbock patios. 

Chinese pistache is low maintenance and extremely tolerant of hot and dry conditions. It is also disease tolerant. However, soils that are poorly drained will promote root rot. 

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The Local Tree Experts Overview

To achieve the perfect landscape, you must select the right trees. We have highlighted the best west Texas trees Lubbock residents can plant in their gardens to add some shade and glamor to their property. All of these trees are heat, drought, and wind tolerant, and will thrive in your Lubbock home with little care.

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